Independently tested by a U.S. facility, the Rexus II is capable of withstanding an average load of 90,000 lbs.  This much greater than the AASHTO H20 heavy duty loading.


The key to the Rexus II's  strength is ductile iron.  Ductile iron's superior strength-to-weight ratio allows for over 70% weight savings compared to cast-iron designs.  For more detailed technical information on the properties of ductile iron, click here.



  • Advanced ergonomics enables utility personnel to undertake visual inspections and routine maintenance of underground networks with minimal effort and in complete safety.
    • Hinges reduce the physical effort to open 60lb cover by 50%.
    • Hinges allow operator to move in a straight line, thereby avoiding damaging spinal rotation.
    • Hinges minimize the duration of the lift; the hinge also retains the cover in a safe and controlled way during and after the lift.
    • Lifting points in the cover are designed for use with standard tools (pickaxe/hook/bar).
  • Hinge incorporates a 90º blocking feature to prevent accidental closure.
  • Self-centering design of the seating gasket eliminates the need to guide the cover into position when closing.
  • Design of apertures ensures easy insertion and removal of tools.
  • Lifting loops in the frame facilitate safe offloading and installation with the proper equipment.
  • The cover can be removed if necessary.


Class D400 Rexus II was designed to be lighter and resistant to the most severe use conditions, including heavy traffic and heavy vehicles.

Seating Ring

The seating ring is manufactured from a specifically formulated composite material that is known to have a high resistance to extremes of temperature, abrasion and shocks resulting from traffic flow and cover operation.


The Rexus II can be ordered with an optional locking system designed to prevent unauthorized access.


The Rexus II manhole cover unit has been designed and manufactured within a certified ISO 9000 quality management system, certified by an independent, internationally recognized third party.  Production incorporates regular testing of the material and final product including extensive field testing and heavy traffic situations.

For more detailed information on the testing that all PAM covers are subjected to, click here.

Spring Bar Lock

The Rexus II features a unique spring bar locking system, which is an integral part of the unit. By harnessing the compressive forces created when the spring bar is in the closed position, the cover is held securely against the seating ring. Horizontal and vertical movement of the cover is eliminated, so that the cover is silent in operation. The spring bar automatically activates when the cover is closed.


Rexus II Specification

  • Rexus II or similar approved Manhole Frame and Cover.
  • Covers and Frames shall be manufactured from Ductile Iron in accordance with ISO 1083.
  • Covers shall be one-man operable using standard tools and shall be capable of withstanding an average load of 90,000 lbs.
  • Covers to be hinged and incorporate a 90º blocking system to prevent accidental closure and a 110º opening socket-joint
  • Shall incorporate a spring bar locking system that is automatically activated when the cover is closed
  • Frames shall be circular and shall incorporate a seating gasket and shall have a 24" clear opening
  • Frame depth not to exceed 4"; frame flanges shall incorporate bedding slots and bolt holes
  • All components shall be black coated*
    • *The components can also be in epoxy
  • Product shall be manufactured in ISO 9000 certified manufacturing plants