Available in 24" and 32" Clear Opening


Pamtight manhole covers are designed to prevent the infiltration or escape of air and water to a 14-psi (1-bar) positive or negative pressure rating.

  • Elastomer sealing ring ensures watertightness (confirmed during seven-day trial in hydraulic laboratory).
  • Design incorporating both stainless steel bolts (6) and clamping claws allows higher performance sealing.
  • After opening, cover can be put back in any orientation and remain pressure tight.


Pamtight manhole covers are designed to be highly durable, a benefit that is made possible by the excellent mechanical performance of ductile iron.  

  • With a load bearing rating of 100,000 lbs, three times the load strength of typical cast-iron covers, the Pamtight manhole cover exceeds the AASHTO H20 heavy duty load resistance requirement.
  • Polyethylene seating ring ensures perfect seating, resistance to traffic shock.
  • Bolts are in an enclosed pocket, and thus are not exposed to hydrogen sulfide attack and corrosion through sewer gases.  This feature ensures that bolts won't rust to the frame and have to be drilled out.


Pamtight manhole covers are designed for safe use by installers and maintenance personnel.  This safe design is made possible by ductile iron, which provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio, allowing up to a 50% weight savings compared to cast iron designs.  In addition, ductile iron has a safe mode of failure - even in the unlikely event that cover dishes and/or cracks, it remains strong and therefore protects the public from accidents.  For more information on the the technical details regarding ductile iron, click here.


  • Clamping device can be rotated and the cover opened simply by loosening the bolts.
  • Handling is facilitated by the relatively low cover weight (116 lbs.) and the presence of a closed handling box.
  • Bolts do not need to be fully removed to gain access, lessening the chance they'll be misplaced.
 Pamtight pressure seal test

Pamtight pressure seal test


The Pamtight manhole cover unit has been designed and manufactured within a certified ISO 9000 quality management system, certified by an independent, internationally recognized third party.  Production incorporates regular testing of the material and final product including extensive field testing and heavy traffic situations.

For more detailed information on the testing that all PAM covers are subjected to, click here.

Pamtight Specification

  • Pamtight or similar approved Manhole Cover and Frame.
  • Covers and Frame shall be manufactured from Ductile Iron in accordance with ISO 1083.
  • Covers shall be one-man operable using standard tools and shall be capable of withstanding an average load of 100,000 lbs.
  • Frames shall be circular and incorporate a sealing gasket; Frame depth shall not exceed 4".
  • Cover shall withstand pressure of 14-psi positive or negative rating.
  • The flange shall incorporate bedding slots and bolt holes.
  • Cover shall be held in place by six clamping claws with fully enclosed bolts.
  • All components shall be black coated.