With 90,000lbs of load bearing durability for only 60lbs of cover weight, the all new Rexus II is the next evolution of the municipal manhole cover.  Keeping key features of the original Rexus, such as the spring bar locking mechanism and seating gasket while using less ductile iron, the Rexus II is your new cost-effective everyday cover. The Rexus II is available in 24" configurations and can be cast with a custom logo or wording.

Some of the key features include:

  • Advanced Ergonomics - enables utility personnel to undertake visual inspections and routine maintenance of underground networks with minimal effort and complete safety.
  • Strength - significantly exceeds the AASHTO H20 heavy duty load resistance requirement. The Rexus II is independently tested by an accredited organization.

  • Application - Class D400 Rexus II was designed to be lighter and resistant to the most severe use conditions, including heavy traffic and heavy vehicles.

For more information, download the Rexus II brochure