Two Florida municipalities — Orlando and St. Cloud — have changed their specifications to PAMREX manhole covers for their sewer systems. All new installations will incorporate the PAMREX covers. For Orlando, this specification change also includes stormwater manholes. 

Municipal engineers chose PAMREX over competing products for three primary reasons: worker safety, reduced infiltration of surface runoff and improved road performance. 

  • Worker Safety — The hinged design of the PAMREX cover provides a quantum leap in ergonomic efficiency compared to traditional covers. It significantly reduces the physical effort required to lift the cover; in fact, no special lifting equipment is required.  The hinge also retains the cover in a safe and controlled way during and after the lift. The ductile iron used in PAMREX covers is 50% lighter than comparable cast-iron covers, greatly lowering the potential for back injuries and the associated worker compensation claims.
  • Reduced Infiltration — PAMREX covers are designed with an elastomer gasket ring that helps to seal the opening, reducing infiltration of run-off water into the sewer network. The gasket ring also absorbs traffic shock and ensures cover stability regardless of traffic conditions. The unit’s unique hinge plug helps maintain the tight seal needed to reduce inflow without affecting the ergonomic benefits of the hinged design.
  • Road Performance — Manufactured from ductile iron, PAMREX covers can with- stand traffic loads in excess of 120,000 pounds. Despite their lighter weight com- pared to cast-iron covers, PAMREX covers exhibit excellent durability in heavily trafficked environments. 

The modern, technically advanced features of the PAMREX cover provided compelling reasons for Orlando and St. Cloud to select this product as a key element of their future infrastructure growth. PAMREX now holds the specification for manhole covers in both municipalities, and indeed is already being used in the Stevens Plantation project, a massive planned community in the early stages of development.